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From lifestyle habits and financial planning to mindset, nutrition and running - helping you empower your financial, physical and mental wellbeing

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Tony Pound

Welcome to a podcast where health, wealth, and happiness converge. 

Hosted by Tony Pound, an Independent Financial Adviser, Health and Lifestyle Coach, and Running Coach based in Oxford, this show goes beyond the balance sheet to inspire those over 40 to live a life well-lived.


In each episode, Tony shares his expertise and chats with guests about various aspects of wellbeing, offering valuable insights, stories, and strategies. It's not just about building financial assets; it's about cultivating a fulfilling life.

Join us to learn how to take control of your money, wellbeing, health, and ultimately, your life. Discover the keys to becoming healthier, happier, and more financially secure, and embark on a journey toward a richer, more meaningful existence.

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