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80s Pop Meets Money Mastery

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love 80s icon Rick Astley! I am unashamedly a Rick Astley fan!

I loved him in the 80s and I have loved his renaissance since releasing his album ‘50’

But, here me out....

Rick is more than just a pop sensation.

Like all of us, he has made mistakes (turning down the opportunity to sing the title track to..’Pretty Woman’!) has had to deal with setbacks in his career, brought up a family, diversified in how he makes his money (Mikkeller Bar & brewing beer) and now he appears to be having the time of his life after passing the ‘58 years obtained' mark.

However, he has more to offer than just catchy tunes

he's practically a financial guru in disguise.

Here are 10 life and financial planning lessons drawn from the timeless wisdom of Rick Astley's songs: 

  1. "Never Gonna Give You Up" - Commitment Just as Rick pledges unwavering loyalty, commit to your financial goals with the same fervor. Whether it's saving for retirement or building an emergency fund, stick to your plans, no matter the market's ups and downs.

  2. "Together Forever" - Long-term Planning Emphasize the importance of long-term relationships with your financial strategies. Investments, like true love, often require time to grow and flourish.

  3. "Whenever You Need Somebody" - Dependable Advice Just as Rick offers a shoulder to lean on, surround yourself with trustworthy financial advisors who are there for you, offering sound advice whenever you need it.

  4. "It Would Take a Strong Strong Man" - Resilience Building wealth and achieving financial independence isn't easy. It takes a strong, resilient individual to face financial challenges head-on and come out stronger.

  5. "Cry for Help" - Seeking Assistance It's okay to ask for help. If you're struggling with debt or financial planning, reaching out to a professional can provide the guidance you need to get back on track.

  6. "Take Me to Your Heart" - Passionate Investing Invest in what you love and understand. Passionate investments are often the most rewarding, both financially and emotionally.

  7. "Hold Me in Your Arms" - Security Financial security is a top priority. Ensure your financial plan includes a safety net, like an emergency fund, to protect you and your loved ones against unforeseen events.

  8. "My Arms Keep Missing You" - Diversification Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your investment portfolio to spread risk and increase the chances of consistent returns.

  9. "She Wants to Dance with Me" - Flexibility Just as dance requires flexibility, your financial plan should be adaptable to life's changes. Be prepared to adjust your strategies as your circumstances evolve.

  10. "Keep Singing" - Positivity and Persistence Maintain a positive outlook and keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough. Persistence in following your financial plan will lead to eventual success.

So there you have it, folks—the Rick Astley guide to financial planning.

Remember, in the words of the man himself, "We're no strangers to love," ....

so let's love our financial futures with the same passion we have….ok I have! for 80s music. Rock on, financial rockstars!

ps If you have read this blog post, and your a Rick Astley fan, I bet you couldn't read it without singing the track titles


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