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I  help the over 40s take control of their financial wellbeing so they become more financially resilient, leaving them to worry less and enjoy life more.


My name is Tony, I am an Independent Financial Adviser, Health and Lifestyle Coach, Running Coach, Triathlete, Marathon Runner and father to two gorgeous girls.

I have worked in financial services for over 30 years and during my career I have experienced all aspects of wealth management. For the last 20 years I have primarily been providing advice as a Financial Planner for large financial organisations and smaller financial services practices.


In 2016 I stopped providing financial advice, although I stayed in financial services. I had become disillusioned with the high pressure sales and lack of care for the client that these large organisations encouraged. My desire to help people understand their finances and put in place long term financial solutions was at odds with the high pressure to make sales. I decided to leave the larger corporate world and set up on my own, enabling me to shape my own business and work in a way that meant I could focus on what mattered to me. 


For four years I built up my business helping other advisors with technical research and the reports they need to provide advice. As time passed I realised that it wasn't giving financial advice that I had fallen out of love with, it was the corporate environment and the culture. During that time I also started my own family and this reinforced my belief in the importance of good financial planning.


I returned to working as a Qualified Independent Financial Planner  at Chiltern Consultancy Ltd and I can now provide that advice in the way that I want to. This means building long term trusted relationships offering client focused advice specifically tailored to the clients. I now work with people who also value the importance of financial planning and will benefit most from my help to achieve their financial goals.

My passion is to help people live their best lives. In terms of financial planning this means I want to enable you to get the most out of your finances at all stages of your life. You can truly enjoy the life you are living without worrying about your future because your retirement plans and investments are taken care of. 

Helping people to live their best lives means living their healthiest lives too. To me these can’t be separated and I have a holistic approach to happiness! I am passionate about health and fitness and helping people to live healthier lifestyles, whether that’s to lose weight or improve their fitness. As a marathon runner and IronMan triathlete I coach endurance athletes, from taking the first step towards completing a parkrun to getting their dream time running a marathon. 


I combine my two passions to help people live longer, healthier and financially resilient lives.


My emphasis is on maintaining a long-term relationship with my clients showing distinct quality, integrity and excellence, which gives both private and business clients financial peace of mind. I provide clients with a source of trusted advice as their financial needs evolve over the years.

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