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I  help the over 40s take control of their financial wellbeing so they become more financially resilient, leaving them to worry less and enjoy life more.


I am an Independent Financial Adviser, Health and Lifestyle Coach, Running Coach, Triathlete, Marathon Runner and father to two gorgeous girls.


I have worked in financial services for over 30 years and during my career I have experienced all aspects of wealth management. For the last 20 years I have primarily been providing advice as a Financial Planner for large financial organisations and smaller financial services practices.

My passion is to help people live their best lives. In terms of financial planning this means I want to enable you to get the most out of your finances at all stages of your life. You can truly enjoy the life you are living without worrying about your future because your retirement plans and investments are taken care of. 


Helping people to live their best lives means living their healthiest lives too. To me these can’t be separated and I have a holistic approach to happiness! I am passionate about health and fitness and helping people to live healthier lifestyles, whether that’s to lose weight or improve their fitness. As a marathon runner and IronMan triathlete I coach endurance athletes, from taking the first step towards completing a parkrun to getting their dream time running a marathon. 


I combine my two passions to help people live longer, healthier and financially resilient lives.


My emphasis is on maintaining a long-term relationship with my clients showing distinct quality, integrity and excellence, which gives both private and business clients financial peace of mind. I provide clients with a source of trusted advice as their financial needs evolve over the years.

My Vision

"My vision is to empower individuals to achieve financial freedom and live their dream lifestyles, confident in their financial security."

"To be the trusted guide on your financial journey, helping you navigate the path to a prosperous and fulfilling future."

My Mission

"My mission is to provide comprehensive, personalized financial planning services that empower my clients to make informed decisions, secure their financial future, and achieve their life goals."

"I am dedicated to simplifying the complexities of finance, offering clarity, peace of mind, and a roadmap to financial success for individuals and families."

My Values

Integrity: I uphold the highest ethical standards, always acting in my clients' best interests, and providing honest and transparent advice.

Client-Centric: My clients are at the heart of everything I do. I prioritize their needs, goals, and dreams, striving to exceed their expectations.

Expertise: I am committed to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of financial knowledge to provide my clients with the best possible guidance.

Empowerment: I empower my clients with the knowledge and tools to take control of their financial futures, making informed decisions with confidence.

Compassion: I approach financial planning with empathy and understanding, recognizing that each client's journey is unique.

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