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Develop A Clear Plan For Your Wealth And Retirement

Reviewing your finances regularly is essential if you want to stay on track to meet your financial goals. 

It also helps to separate out the perception from the reality. 

It’s the same principle when I review training logs for athletes I coach. 

Some athletes get to their chosen event, whether it’s a marathon they have been training for or a 10k local event, thinking they haven't trained hard enough. By keeping a log that they can review, we can see that the reality is that they have often been more consistent and trained harder than they gave themselves credit for. With this knowledge, they can relax and enjoy the event knowing they have done everything they could to give themselves the best chance of a positive outcome.

However, I also have athletes that get to their event and wonder why they didn't perform. When reviewing their training log it’s evident that they didn't do enough of the quality work but their perception was that they had done enough in training.

However, it doesn't end there. Knowing the reality of the situation, you can assess what worked and what didn't work and adjust the plan for future events, building on existing training and making changes where required. 

Sometimes personal circumstances mean the athlete has to change the way they train or how often. We adapt the plan to fit their new circumstances and adjust the expected outcome for a while, knowing that it will change again in the future.

It’s the same approach to retirement planning. Starting out with a plan that you review on a regular basis, allows you to make changes based on your current situation and any future changes. It may mean adjusting your expectations when things haven't gone to plan, but it also can help identify the areas you need to work at to make your retirement goals achievable.

Making sure your finances are in the best possible shape will mean you stay on course to achieve everything you want.

Having a coach in your corner, whether for your financial plan or health means you receive expert advice and help to make the right financial decisions for your own unique situation and goals.

Thanks for reading. I help runners over 40, retire when they want, with the money they need to live the life they deserve.


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