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Reframing Retirement: Why You Need a New Attitude About Your Golden Years

Are you counting down the days to retirement, imagining lazy days on the beach and endless rounds of golf?

Well, it's time to reframe your definition of retirement!

Retirement is no longer just a time to relax and do nothing. It's an opportunity to explore new passions, give back to the community, and live a purposeful life.

That's where the PERMAV model comes in.

Developed by Dr. Martin Seligman, it's a holistic approach to retirement well-being that focuses on cultivating positive emotions, meaningful relationships, purpose, achievement, engagement, and vitality.

Let's break it down.

Positive Emotion: Retirement should be a time to experience positive emotions and feelings of happiness, joy, and contentment. This can be achieved through engaging in activities that bring you joy, spending time with loved ones, or practicing gratitude. Whether it's painting, gardening, or playing with your grandkids, find the things that bring you joy and make them a regular part of your retirement routine.

Engagement: Retirement doesn't mean disengagement from life. In fact, it's an opportunity to be fully absorbed in a task or activity that challenges and stretches you. This can be achieved through hobbies, volunteering, or pursuing new interests. Whether it's taking up a new language, learning to cook, or mentoring a young professional, find activities that keep your mind and body active.

Relationships: Having strong and meaningful relationships is key to overall well-being, and retirees should focus on maintaining and building connections with family and friends. Plan regular get-togethers, organize trips, or take up activities together to strengthen bonds.

Meaning: Finding purpose and significance in life is important at any age, but it becomes even more crucial in retirement. Retirees can achieve this through volunteering, mentoring, or pursuing new learning opportunities. Whether it's teaching a class, helping at a local charity, or exploring a new culture, find ways to give back and make a difference in the world.

Accomplishment: Setting and achieving goals, no matter how big or small, can help retirees feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Whether it's learning a new skill, tackling a home improvement project, or planning a dream trip, set achievable goals that give you a sense of accomplishment.

Vitality: Maintaining physical health is important for overall well-being, and retirees should focus on regular exercise, a healthy diet, and self-care activities. Whether it's walking, yoga, or swimming, find activities that keep you active and feeling great.

Retirement is not an end but a new beginning, and the PERMAV model can help you make the most of it.

By cultivating positive emotions, meaningful relationships, purpose, achievement, engagement, and vitality, you can enjoy a fulfilling retirement that's full of joy, passion, and purpose.


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