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This is one of my favourite quotes and it really resonated with me again over the weekend.

Whether its a client looking to plan for retirement or a someone looking to run another marathon and achieve a PB.

I see so many people just continue to do what they have already done and be surprised that they have got the same result.

Training and retirement plans are never a set and forget, they need to be reviewed.

Where are you now?

What has worked previously, what didn't?

What has changed since you last reviewed your training/retirement plans?

Are your goals still the same?

Have you adapted to the training/monthly payments, could you do more/change your approach?

Can you train/plan on your own or do you need help?

You can follow the same training plan for your next marathon, run the same tired training sessions, ignore rest and recovery, run at the same pace for all your runs and chances are you will get the same result or worse!

Or you can change it up!

Don't get to retirement and find that you have been relying on the same employer pension contributions, the same default investment funds to give you the retirement you want.

Take control and know your numbers, the racing bling will be soooooo worth it if you do.


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